Quality code

What is valuable high quality code? When code is done, commented correctly and tested. So that when you are about to add new features or extend the application to work on new platforms, good code is what enables you to accomplish this job quickly and efficiently. In turn you will receive a high performance application that really delivers value to you and your users.

We thrive to make all our code clear and understandable with well defined interfaces. Our code is easy to build and modify. We create our code with extensibility in mind. Our code at any time can be easily extended with minimal extra dependencies. We try to make our code self explanatory as much as possible and accompany it with great documentation. We follow coding standards and religiously follow unit testing and load testing practices.

Despite that some lower quality coded applications on the surface may provide you with the intended results, but underneath it is bad code, that will be less flexible and in many cases unusable over the long term especially when extending it to other platforms or changing any parts of the application.

The cost of projects that rely on an initially bad code base usually spring out of control because they were originally created without appropriate audit standards. All of the above is just a brief touch on the issue that not all code is created equal and equally good.

Beautiful Design

We take a customer idea and transform it into a beautiful, intuitive user interface. Our product designers start with business requirements and a true understanding of making products that people love, that work well, and that it are simple to use and navigate throughout.

When we design software we pay attention to aesthetics. Aesthetics is about more than just beauty, it’s about the understanding why we see something as beautiful and other things as not.

We create applications around five principles: Numerical representation, Modularity, Automation, Variability, Transcoding. Each principle builds on the previous one, helping us to understand how to think about the qualities of the final application.

In the process of designing the software we intend to find answers to questions such as: How does the software empower people? What is the user’s activity in the system? How does it communicate its capabilities, states, and feedback? What kind of interaction does it facilitate between people, machines, and algorithms?

Our design at the end incorporates graphical beauty using elements like balance, harmony, color, contrast, hierarchy, and visual relationships. Our designs are beautiful because they reflect the nature, and beauty, of the system beneath and it helps people navigate to their place within it.

Excellent Services

Over the years we earned the status of most valued, reliable, and preferred software development and IT services firm for our clients. We achieved that status by offering the highest rate of customer satisfaction by solving customers’ problems. That means that we are meeting and exceeding our customer’s expectation by being competent, attentive, friendly and professional.

We are treating our customers as our partners. Our customer feels that when we are taking their problems as our own. We keep our promises and make the communication process as clear as possible.

We plan our development processes in a way that there is almost no room for miscommunication or misunderstanding. We do all that we can to create a reference to any decision making points and establishing provisions for possible correction.

Our customer becomes acquainted with the highest standards of our availability to extend support when it is needed by the customer.

All of the above is short explanation of why our customers rate our services as excellent.

Superior Support

We provide extraordinary service in supporting any project related help during and after the project is completed. You always will have access to user-friendly assistance for any related to your project problems or questions.

Our support team is comprised of individuals that are always familiar with your project and if need be can quickly navigate through chains of available resources to find the person that knows about the ins and outs of your project . With this knowledge our support specialists are  able to troubleshoot most problems that you might experience. 

Our support may be provided over the phone, through email, or with a live-chat interface with the capability of remote screen sharing.

Flexible & Affordable

Free estimates, affordable prices, flexible payments and development resource allocation will allow you to be in charge of the decision making processes before, and during project rollout.

There is no question that budgets, time and people are playing a huge part in the success of the project. We have over a decade of experience in dealing with all of the challenges and demands of modern business requirements in relation to software development and IT consulting. Over this extended time frame we became equipped with solutions that can prevent our customer from many mistakes and negative outcomes that may be faced by them otherwise.

There will be no unwanted surprises, you always know what is ahead, how much it costs and how much it might cost if something goes wrong.

Are you on a budget and need to quickly create a proof of concept or software requirement specifications? Then we are the right firm to help you!

Do you have your own project management or team and need a reliable developer or two with particular skills? We are here for you!

Do you need a whole team with the experience of developing for a particular industry, vertical or technology? This is exactly what we do!

Our rates are unbeatable, our specialists experienced and professional, and our management is flexible.